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Right this moment, if your laptop was dropped in the bath, you had your phone stolen or your home flooded, would you be able to safely say all your most precious pictures and movies would be safe?

My Wedding Vault is a safety net for your most precious memories. We are here for those unseen events that we all hope won't happen but sometimes do! My Wedding Vault is a 'cold storage' copy of your really special wedding , family pictures and movies that is independent of your own computer and home. If anything does happen to your computer, USB stick, DVD or wedding album we are here to save the day.

We don't provide day to day access to your pictures like a web gallery, think of us like that spare door key you gave to a relative, a long term back up plan for those unexpected events. You receive up to 3 retrieval requests per year and at anytime can request copies of your stored pictures free of charge. My Wedding Vault is a back up of your original pictures that you keep at home.

If you do loose your pictures: Your download request will be provided within 48 hours restoring your peace of mind. You can also request your images on USB stick and even replace your printed wedding album in the event of flood, fire or pet attack!

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