Terms and Conditions

Payments and Cancellations.

Payments will be collected annually on a recurring basis until notification of cancellation is made. Cancellation can be made at anytime by emailing MyWeddingVault.com at cancel@myweddingvault.com. Your subscription will end 28 days after your cancellation and any remaining months of your 12 months subscription payment will be refunded where possible. Your images will be deleted 28 days after receipt of your cancellation request.

Your personal details are collected for the sole purpose of being able to keep in touch with you. We will never share or sell your personal details. It is your responsibility to notify MyWeddingVault.com of any contact detail changes. If MyWeddingVault.com is unable to continue to provide storage services for any reason (including failure to renew subscription, violation of our terms or closure of the service) we will notify you via the contact details you have provided. We will provide 28 days notice before your images are removed.

Upon receipt of your images files we will provide a technical check to ensure all of your images are effective image files and adhere to all applicable UK laws governing the storage and distribution of images. MyWeddingVault will deny to offer you storage services if your images do not meet these requirements and any payments refunded. After receipt of your images and after checking we will copy your images via professional Jpeg compression software to maximise the value of your storage plan. Any compression will maintain a high standard of image quality and we will not effect the pixel size of your image.

Please note that MyWeddingVault.com is intended as a back up service and not as sole storage solution. Although appropriate care and attention will be taken to ensure your pictures are stored safely and securely MyWeddingVault.com does not offer a guarantee for any files that are unretrievable for any reason. Upon the failure of MyWeddingVault.com to be able to retrieve more than 50% of your pictures your subscription fees will be refunded with a maximum refund of 10 years subscription payments.

Printed Albums:

MyWeddingVault.com will provide a design service for printed wedding albums from your choice of up to 100 pictures. The design service will not provide a design preview or amendments to ensure we can deliver wedding albums at the best possible value.

What if I have a complaint?

Complaint handling policy:

Any complaints should be made via email. Complaints will be responded to within 7 working days.

Do I have a right to cancel this subscription?

Right to cancel; conditions, time limit and procedures in accordance with regulations 27-38. The consumer has a right to cancel at any time during the cancellation period without giving any reason, and without incurring any liability.

If I cancel after 14 days, how much will I need to pay?

If the consumer excercises their right to cancel after having made a request in accordance with regulation 36(1) which stipulate the request must be in writing, the consumer is to be liable to pay the trader reasonable costs in accordance with regulation 36(4).

Your subscription will run until the end of the next calender month and any remaining months pre-paid on your subscription will be refunded where possible.

What is the legal duty of MyWeddingVault.com in this subscription?

The service provided will be as advertised, and should MyWeddingVault.com be unable to provide these services for any reason 28 days notice of termination of the serive will be given. If your images can not be returned as advertised - up to 10 years of subscriptions will be refunded and no further monatory compensation of stored files will be offered - all files stored on your behalf will be by considered to be of £0 value.

Is there after-sale customer service?

After sales customer service will be offered for the duration of your subscription via email.

Full contact details for MyweddingVault.com are as follows:

MD Mark Tattersall T\as MyWeddingVault.com

1 Brogden View, Barnoldswick, Lancashire, BB18 5LH